Realign with your soul. Reconnect with yourself. You know that tiny voice that whispers to you on occasion when you are still enough to hear it? That’s YOU. Not the you that’s striving to accomplish a million things and that only feels worthy when and if you get them done. The you that can just sit still and be and feel completely content.

That hasn’t happened in a while probably has it? It’s become the norm to always be rushing and moving ahead 100 miles an hour. We have forgotten to just be with ourselves or we do it so little that when we do and feel peace, we immediately fall back into the stress and worries of the material world after we’ve had our little moment of stillness.

As natural as it should be, it takes practice to realign with our soul, with who we truly are. The more you do it though, the better you feel and the more you wonder how you could have spent so much time disconnected from yourself.

You know that feeling of being somewhat lost. Of thinking “Is this it? Isn’t there something more?” That’s your soul craving reconnection. We lose ourselves and our true identity when we identify 100% with the material world.

Sure it’s a big part of our life but deep down who we are doesn’t change no matter what the outside circumstances might be. Connecting with your soul, with yourself can bring you to extraordinary places both internally and externally.

The moments you take to do this are very precious. It can be by going for a walk, stopping to admire your pet and how it’s able to fully live in the present moment or maybe by taking a bath or doing a physical activity that you love.

You have the proper intuition and guidance to take on activities that will allow you to reconnect with yourself. You just have to give yourself permission to take time to do it. Sundays are perfect for this. Reserve a bit of time for yourself today. Even if it’s just 20 minutes.

Start to relearn how to connect with yourself. Notice how if you feel a loss of direction in your life, connecting with yourself will slowly bring you back on the right path. Wishing you a beautiful sacred Sunday filled with little moments for your soul.

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