Share this with a friend or… Think about how you can start becoming your own best friend and loving yourself more. It might sound corny or even seem pretentious but loving yourself is actually the most important thing you can do in your life.

You cannot give to others what you don’t have for yourself whether that’s love, kindness, compassion or forgiveness. Do you notice sometimes how you talk to yourself in your mind? Would you speak like that to your best friend?

Negative self talk comes from the ego and we all have one. The ego can be helpful at moments but we also shouldn’t believe all that it says. Sometimes the ego is like an inner mean girl and just likes to point out all that it thinks we are doing wrong.

Instead of listening to that negative discourse, why not gradually replace those harsh thoughts with more loving onesWe are capable of so much more when we aren’t depleted of our energy by negative self talk. Learn to become your best friend and see how you will become a better one to others.

Love should always be our main focus. We should always be asking how we can be more loving to ourselves and to others. Take a step back today and notice if you’ve let your inner mean girl take over.  As women, we are often very hard on ourselves and usually don’t even notice it. 

Start developing an awareness by living in the present moment and being a little less lost in your thoughts.  Instead of completely identifying and believing the negative thoughts, take deep breaths and pause. Get in touch with how they are making you feel and see how you can change that.

This kind of practice might seem like a luxury if you have a busy life but time expands and your energy will too when you start living from a place of kindness towards yourselfWishing you a wonderful day sprinkled with little moments of stillness where you go within and become a little kinder with yourself.

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