Make a promise to yourself to just say yes a little more to what life has to offer you. We often create our own obstacles. We make up reasons why we can’t do something that scares us or that is important to us. It can be something as simple as getting up early to workout or meditate, or something bigger like taking that leap to start your business.

The secret is to notice when you are doing it. To see when you are standing in your own wayNext, you must figure out why you are doing this. 99% of the time it’s because of fear. Fear of not being good enough, fear of being disappointed, fear of what other people might think.

We must show up for what truly matters to us in our life. When we don’t, we feel a certain sense of betrayal towards ourselves. If you’ve been procrastinating on doing something that you know will bring you joy, take one small step today to get closer to it. If it’s doing exercise in the morning, just get your workout clothes out. Then tomorrow, put them on, then the next day just do 10-15 minutes of exercising. Don’t wait to be fearless. Feel the fear and then do it anyways.

What makes up the joy in our life is generally the small things and they are created by living with intention. You must have the intention to say yes to what life has to offer you. To move forward despite the fear (not wait for it to go away). Rise up, show up for yourself and see the magic you can create. Wishing you a wonderful day where you get out of your own way and see what can unfold.

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