Everyday is a fresh start. Today is a blank slate. You have the choice to let go of all that didn’t serve you last week rather than holding onto negative emotions. You can choose to live in the present rather than dwell in the past.

Take the lessons from the mistakes and move on. Don’t beat yourself up. We are all here learning as we go. Be kind to yourself. Be gentle with your thoughts. Exhale out the harsh ones and replace them with a more loving dialogue.

Start fresh. Take a deep breath and welcome in all you desireIt can be inner peace, joy, laughter or anything else your heart is calling for. Let go of self doubt and worry. Start looking at the world around you, at your life for all the possibilities it represents rather than what could go wrong.

Live in the present moment today starting with this morning. If you’re still at home, be fully at home rather than already at the office in your mind. If you’re commuting, be fully there rather than already at your desk tackling your to do list.

Every moment you can choose a mindset that either causes you anxiety or inner peace. And even if you unconsciously choose anxiety for a little while, once you realize it, make it a fresh start and choose inner peace.Wishing you a wonderful Monday and a week with a positive mindset that is forgiving and kind. 

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