Today’s post is a #WCW that focuses on a woman that is hugely inspiring: Lorna Jane Clarkson. She has built a wellness empire that benefits so many people and she’s great proof that perseverance pays off. I come back to patience a lot I my posts partly because it’s something I’m still learning but also because I think many people struggle with the desire for immediate gratification.

We think that success happens overnight or in those big milestone moments but really it’s by hustling every day.

Reaching our goals happens one small decision at a time and with lots of determination. What makes inspiring people stand out and succeed is not only their talent but how they never gave up on their vision.

Whether it’s a healthy and fit body, a thriving business or a family, it takes time and effort to bring that vision to life.

The three things I work the hardest at are my relationship, my health and my business because I value them the most.

What are your priorities and what are you doing everyday to tend to them?

Wishing you a wonderful day and as always, stay healthy + happy!

Geneviève xo

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