Your dreams are possible and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Look around in this world at what “ordinary” people have accomplished. We can all make something from nothing when we put our mind and heart into it.

We are here to live an incredible life and not just be in survival mode.

Yes we must work hard to make our dreams happen and it requires a lot of patience but it’s attainable. Be careful who you share your dreams with and avoid confiding in those that have decided to give up on theirs.

Focus on people that have created something amazing and notice how many there are in the world.

Your dream doesn’t have to be something that is traditionally considered grandiose. It must just be something that is important to you and that will make your journey worth it.

We are here for a limited time and must make it count.

Enjoy every moment fully and tap into your true potential. It’s there just waiting to surface and serve your purpose. Wishing you a wonderful day and as always, stay healthy + happy!

Geneviève xo

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(Image by Adorn Grace)