Loving yourself might sound cheesy or even selfish but that’s really the opposite of the truth. Going through this life without liking yourself makes everyday a struggle. In addition to this you can’t really love others when you don’t love yourself so relationships are likely to be challenging as well.

I spent years suffering of poor self esteem and it held me back in so many ways.

From the opportunities I didn’t seize to the relations that suffered because of my insecurities. Today I can say that I worked darn hard to get to a place of self acceptance and yes, self love. It might be corny or cheesy to talk about this but I don’t rally care.

It’s the best thing anyone can ever do for themselves if they want to make this one life matter and live up to their full potential.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and whether you think it’s just a commercial holiday or you enjoy celebrating it, why not take this opportunity to focus on love a little more.

Take better care of yourself (body, mind and soul) and see that love expand towards others.


(Photo by Melo & Co)

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