I’m getting pretty personal in this video but it’s all in the name of love so it’s worth it. We can make monumental mistakes in love but with experience we get a little wiser and this is why I decided to share some of my biggest blunders + lessons learned. Enjoy watching!

Oh dear, when I think of the ways I behaved in some of my romantic relationships it makes me cringe a little. That said, we probably all go through our fair share of missteps in love and what’s important is to look forward and understand what makes a relationship work and what hurts it.

What are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve made?

I know it’s a bit scary to share but if it can help someone else I think it’s worth putting out there. Leave a comment below! Until next time my lovelies, wishing you a wonderful Valentine’s Day whether you’re spending it with your better half, a BFF or just enjoying some quality time with yourself (indulge in some chocolates and treat yo’self!). Please like this post if it brought you value! It’s the best way for me to know what kind of content you enjoy so that I can create more of it.

Geneviève xo

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