The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte taught me the importance of asking ourselves the most crucial of all questions: “How do you want to feel?”.  Thanks to her, I’ve learned to focus on how I want to feel rather than having a mental image of what I think will make me happy.

So often we go after certain goals because we believe they will bring us contentment but we end up disappointed.

Some of the dreams we have are really a representation of how we want to feel. We dream of financial abundance because we want to feel free. We dream of a home by the beach because we crave inner peace.

It’s part of our purpose to get in touch with our true self and really connect with the part of us that  knows how we want to feel.

To go beyond the material stuff and stop chasing after more, more, more. So often we chase the wrong things because we have the illusion that they will bring us joy.

It took me a while to learn what my core desires were but with some work I realized that I wanted to feel at peace, free and inspired. Now it’s up to me to create a life that allows me to feel access those core desires.

Remember to stop during your day and ask yourself “Is this how I want to feel?”.

If it’s not, determine what you could change to get closer to a state that makes you content. Wishing you a lovely day where you focus on your core desires and create circumstances to connect to the feelings you want more and more in your life.

Geneviève xoxox

P.S. You can purchase and find out more about The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte here.