Time for a mid-week check in! What’s stopping you from making your life a little more fulfilling? Do you notice if you are standing in the way of your health and happiness? The point of these questions is not to judge or criticize but rather to develop self awareness.

Yes, there can be external circumstances that represent a certain challenge to reaching our goals but we play a much bigger part than we realize.

It’s time to be accountable not only for your actions but your thoughts as well. What is the quality of your internal dialog? Is it positive and nourishing or harsh and critical?

The thoughts you have about yourself is what influences most the life you create for yourself.

Do you feel like you’ve had a kind and constructive mindset over the past few days? If not, it’s time to press reset and create a blank slate for thoughts that are going to serve you and your purpose.

Embrace those dreams and desires. Stop thinking they are silly or a waste of time.

You are meant to have an amazing life and it all begins by realizing what’s stopping you. Wishing you a lovely day where you push aside the obstacles that are holding you back.

Geneviève xoxo

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