Everything I really need I’ve already been given. This is such a precious reminder as to all the gifts we already have in our life but sometimes take for granted. Do you stop and think on a daily basis just how lucky you are? Do you take a moment of gratitude to feel the existing fullness of your life? We are rich beyond what we realize but can make ourselves feel “poor” when focus on what we think we are lacking (progression in our career, a bigger home, nicer clothes, the latest tech gadgets, a fitter body, romantic partner). What we have is enough, really. We need to cherish every single little thing in our life from our friends and family to the good food we can eat, the job we have, the roof over our head, the talents we possess that have brought us to where we are and so much more.

I know I can be hungry for “more” in life. More success, more free time, more travel, more financial abundance, more time with my man and all of this doesn’t make me a bad person. It makes me a driven one but I also have to find the balance between setting goals for my life and being grateful for all that I already have and I realize I have a lot.

I notice that when I am only focused on reaching my goals I can forget to savour all that I already have and that can leave me with a feeling of emptiness. That is why I make it a daily practice to take a moment (sometimes even two or three) to shift my mindset and be grateful for the richness of my life. I demand a lot out of life but also appreciate all that it is giving me from the beautiful nature that surrounds me when I go for a walk, to my amazing clients and business partner, my dear friends, healthy body and skills that have brought me the success I enjoy.

Sit in stillness at least once a day (I like doing this before going to bed) and just feel all that you have to be grateful for. Really, truly, deeply feel it. I guarantee a smile will appear on your face and you will start feeling a little lighter and happier knowing that you already have what you really need.

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