Give yourself permission to live a big life. You are meant to thrive and expand, not stay small and scared because of limiting beliefs. You are meant to dive in fully into what this incredible journey has to offer you. You have so many gifts that you can use to create fulfillment and love.

The resources you have within you (your passions, talents, desires) are meant to come forth.

Your purpose is to share these resources with the world rather than play it safe and stay within your comfort zone. You are meant for such great things but first you must develop an awareness of where you currently are and of what’s stopping you from coming into your full potential.

Are you fearful of what other people think and that you might look like a fool?

Are you afraid of failing and not being worthy of love if you do? All those thoughts are just obstacles that are in your way. You can remove them one by one by tapping into your true self.

Go beyond the confines of the fearful mind and connect deep within.

You will see who you truly are. A magnificent being that is always worthy of love no matter how often you fall. You will feel like you are cheating yourself of an incredible life if you don’t move past these fears.

Don’t betray yourself because of negative thoughts. Shine light on them by connecting with your soul and remembering who you truly are.

An amazing spirit that is here for a limited time and that owes it to itself and the world to live a big life. An expansive life that includes peace, love, kindness, gratitude and authenticity (to learn more about these 5 pillars to live healthy + happy, click here).

Go ahead, start today. Make a promise to yourself to move past one limiting thought and shedding love and light on that part of yourself that wants to grow and come out fully into a world of greatness and courage.

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Image via Lisa Messenger