Do Mondays overwhelm you? Do you feel anxiety surface as soon as you wake up? I sometimes feel like this for various reasons and have a favourite approach to come to reduce stress levels and remind myself that I can choose peace over worry. It probably won’t surprise you that my solution is meditation. Here’s why:

Meditation reminds me of who I truly am: a spiritual being having a human experience.

It reminds me that in the end, my to-do list won’t matter. That no matter whatever gets done or what’s left undone, I am enough (thank you Brené Brown for this powerful message). Yes I want to succeed and have a roof over my head but the things I worry about probably won’t actually lead to the worst possible outcome.

For me (and most humans probably) it would be to end up without a home, sick, in danger and alone. Meditation reminds you of what truly matters: inner peace, love, health, safety, connection, gratitude.

Meditation reminds you that you can be in the material world but not of it.

You can enjoy its pleasures and experiences but maintain a certain detachment from outcomes and dramas. You are a soul. What really affects this soul? Not a to-do list, not even accomplishments. Inner peace, balance and love are key.

Finding a place where you can live the human experience but remember where you came from and where you are going.

That all the worries, challenges and dramas that happen on this journey will pass and that you can either cling to them or release them. When anxiety hits, connect with your true self. Not the human experiencing the stress but the presence that notices this feeling and can step away from it.

It takes practice to create this detachment but it’s so worth the effort and meditation really is the best place to start.

If you want any tips on starting your own journey within or have questions about a meditation practice, please feel free to reach out to me below or at I’m happy to serve and help you get started on your journey to choose peace over worry.

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Image via Nitika Chopra