OMG I love this girl power message so much and it’s the perfect inspiration needed on a Friday. So many of us make ourselves small for fear of disturbing, standing out or being put back in our place.

The truth is our place is as vast as we want to make it and we are all destined to realize our full potential.

Don’t stay small because you are afraid of what others will say or how you will appear. Stand in confidence knowing that you are here to achieve greatness whether that’s being an amazing human being, mom, artist, entrepreneur or whatever sets your soul on fire.

Sure we might disturb and disrupt but that’s how we grow and allow things to evolve.

This world is far from perfect and it’s our duty to bring it more peace, love, kindness and compassion. We all have these precious gifts within us plus so many more resources that can allow us to create a wonderful life.

Stop being shy or thinking that you’re not good enough: you’re freakin’ amazing and I want you to remind yourself of that everyday.

Wishing you a kick ass Friday filled with self empowerment, confidence and love.

Geneviève xoxox

To dive deeper into this topic, continue reading below! (Image via Fluid Form Pilates)

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