How often do you give yourself time to dream and create? Do you tap into inspiration on a regular basis? After a busy week it’s so important to replenish your energies. As adults we often deny the child in us that just wants to play and create.

We attribute value to productivity and getting things done when in fact we are ignoring an important part of ourself if we are constantly in performance mode.

We are beings that are meant to dream and create a wonderful life. We are meant to laugh and connect with others.

When was the last time you felt care free?

For me, it’s when I’m out on the water and I’m happy to say I did a lovely SUP session today. Give yourself permission to just BE this weekend. To day dream and go within to places you haven’t visited in so long.

You are a multi dimensional being that will be fully realized when you start connecting with all parts of your true self (even the silly ones).

Wishing you a lovely Saturday filled with dreaming, creating and finding inspiration.

Geneviève xoxo

Image via Mija Mija

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