Those of us who are very driven and goal oriented tend to take life too seriously sometimes. I’m all about wanting to be the best version of ourselves and reaching our full potential but we also need to take a step back to relax or even be a little adventurous.

We need to remember that this is an incredible adventure that we are meant to enjoy.

It’s not all about performance and getting the nicest car, house, bag, clothes or reaching success as fast as we can.

It’s about laughing and connecting. Enjoying the present moment rather than analyzing the past or obsessing over the future. It’s about exploring and discovering ourselves. Finding out what matters to us and tapping into it fully.

Take a moment today to check-in with yourself. To see where your soul is at and if perhaps you’ve been neglecting it. 

If so, what does it need to feel taken care of? To rise and be in the light? Is it more nature, more laughter, more beauty or perhaps more peace? Whatever it is, you can find the answer by getting still. Finding the time to stop and pause rather than just go go go.

Find that inner quiet. That place that is home for your soul. 

Step out of your busy mind and into your heart. Listen to what it is telling you and then follow the way.

It’s the most simple things that bring us true joy. Not completing the to-do list or pleasing others. Be kind to yourself today and give yourself what you need to replenish those depleted energies. Don’t take life too seriously and have a little fun.

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  • Obrigado, muito legal, seu artigo abriu uma porta para mim. Foi uma grande ajuda para me ajudar a escrever minha tese sobre criptomoedas. Obrigado.

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