Do you often compare yourself to others? This message is such an important reminder to stop comparing and just be the best version of you possible. We are such incredible unique beings that it’s a positive thing not to be the same.

We might be envious of someone’s life, body, career, relationship but really we don’t have the full picture of what’s going on.

Everyone has their struggles and what might suit one person in some ways could totally not work for another. You are a full package that has so many wonderful gifts.

When you’re harsh on yourself you block those gifts from coming through so make sure you banish that inner mean girl.

Focus on all your strengths and send yourself kindness when you make mistakes. This isn’t supposed to be a perfect journey and you aren’t supposed to be a perfect person.

If you want to dive deeper into the topic of how comparison is the thief of joy watch this video. It’s a very honest post on how I struggled with comparing myself to other bloggers for example and how I beat the habit.

Enjoy watching and remember to infuse everything you do with love. ♡

Geneviève xoxo

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