Why are we always in such a rush? Do you tend to always want to move on to the next thing? I know I struggle with this bad habit. I’m constantly wanting certain aspects of my life to move ahead faster. It can be my business, my relationship, the fitness level of my body…

We need to remind ourselves that this life goes by really fast and that we should enjoy being here NOW.

Every moment has something to offer us, whether it’s joy or precious lessons.cIt’s perfectly normal and healthy to have goals but we can’t always be solely focused on the destination.

As cheesy as it sounds we have to appreciate the journey. 

We can only live in the now so why not embrace it and be open to what it has to offer us? Wishing you a wonderful day where you get a little more comfortable in the unknown and stop rushing. ♡

Geneviève xoxo

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(Image via Lisa Messenger)