Do you fear making mistakes to the point that it stops you from taking action? It’s something I’m working on a lot and getting much better at it. As perfectionists we can have this strange expectation that we must be rock stars at something from the start and that’s just a bunch of BS.

We need to give ourselves permission to explore, play, try new things and yes, make mistakes.

Mistakes really aren’t the monster in the closet we perceive them to be. They are part of the learning process and they allow us to grow and evolve.

If we aren’t making mistakes then we aren’t really trying or living and that’s kinda sad.

Don’t judge yourself for it but do move ahead into a kinder space. Be willing to take small risks to start off and see how it helps build your confidence.

Always remember that you are worthy no matter how many mistakes you make.

And finally, there is nothing worst than living with regrets and knowing that you were the only thing standing in your own way.

Go ahead, try something new today and report back in the comments below! I’ll be playing with a new video editing program to create the next post for the blog. I know it won’t be perfect or meet my incredibly high standards but it’s a start and I’m so glad I’m trying it. Wishing you a wonderful day! ♡

Geneviève  xoxo

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