It’s so important to have faith in ourselves even when things don’t seem to be moving ahead. Whether it’s a relationship, a business or a passion project, we must develop patience and trust. I know I can tend to want what I want NOW and I’m not sure if that’s an only child thing or a generational mindset but it causes me unnecessary stress.

We must trust that life will bring to us what we desire when we will be ready and until then we’ve got to put in the work and learn the lessons we are meant to.

It really is true that anything worth having is worth waiting for. Without getting into personal details I can say that I’ve had to be VERY patient for my love life to look the way I want (I’ve been in a long distance relationship for three years).

That said, I’ve also grown so much during this time that it’s actually positive that things aren’t evolving as quickly as I would have hoped.

How about you? I’m sure when you look back at your life you can remember really wanting something and it took longer than expect but it was for the best.

We’ve got to learn to let go and know that life falls into place as it’s supposed to and it’s not all up to us.

People and precious dreams are worth waiting for and in the meantime we must enjoy the journey. Everyday has beautiful gifts to offer us if our eyes are open enough to see them.

Wishing you a wonderful Friday and as always stay healthy + happy!

Geneviève xo

3 thoughts on “Anything worth having is worth waiting for

  • what a good quote
    am gonna wait for the right time….my relationship isn’t perfect buy I know GOD’S TIME IS THE BEST
    am not going to force anything, what’s meant to be will be

  • Exactly. We have to learn to trust and not force the outcome we desire. Have faith and what is meant to be will be. Have a lovely day! xo

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