So many of us have a tendency to want immediate gratification rather than tapping into patience and determination. It’s partly because we live in an immediate gratification society but it’s also because of what we witness online.

Social media shows us these images of people with successful businesses, great bodies and what seems like the perfect life.

First of all, perfection does not exist and people tend to only show the good parts of their life on social media.

The other thing we don’t see when admiring these pictures of “success” are the years of hard work that went into reaching those results. I’m loving how more and more entrepreneurs and bloggers are being transparent as to everything that they had to do to get to where they are.

Nobody gets something for nothing. Blood, sweat and tears go into building something that matters whether that’s a relationship, family, business, healthy body or other.

It’s so important to remind ourselves of this on a daily basis when we are working on our dream. We can get discouraged sometimes as we don’t always see the progress in the day to day but make no mistake it is happening.

One day you’ll look back and you’ll be so glad you started when you did and didn’t give up.

Listen to what your soul is calling you to do and tap into your incredible resources to make it happen. Work at it everyday and have faith that all your efforts will pay off in more ways than one.

Wishing you a wonderful day and as always, stay healthy + happy!

Geneviève xo