Man did I need this reminder this morning. Who’s with me? You know that feeling of being completely outside your comfort zone and learning so many new things that you don’t feel that great about what you’re doing? I’ve been experiencing it on and off for the past few weeks.

I don’t like admitting this of course and I wish I was one of those people that loved being a beginner but I’m not -yet.

Some people thrive on that feeling of being totally challenged and basically sucking at something for a while until they start getting better and better one day at a time. My boyfriend is that way and I have great admiration for his patience and determination.

I’m trying to adopt that kind of mindset and it’s a work in progress. The thing is we can’t grow and live our life to the fullest without being a beginner over and over again during this journey.

We can’t rise to our full potential and have incredible experiences if we don’t push ourselves outside our comfort zone.

We must learn to become comfortable with the discomfort and allow ourselves to be a beginner even if in other parts of our life we are experts.

Remember how you came to excel at what you do. It didn’t happen overnight.

That same hard work and patience can allow you to grow in other areas of your life. We must stay humble and in a state of constant learning.

We must push our ego aside and go back to that place of wonder within us that is willing to look silly in order to experience something new.

And really in the end, who cares what other people think? What matters is that you gave it your all and showed up for the opportunity to grow.

Look at your life today and notice if there are certain areas where you are holding back because you don’t feel like being a beginner again. Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!

Geneviève xo

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