Who you decide to spend your precious time with is extremely important to your health + happiness. There are probably people in your life that inspire you and others that suck the energy out of you. Notice how you feel around certain friends and family members. Are they bringing something positive to your life and are you doing the same for them?

Everyone has a certain quality of energy and it varies on a day to day basis.

It’s crucial to live consciously and set a clear intention for the kind of energy you want to put out in the world and the energy you accept to welcome into your life.

Everything from the people you spend time with to the information you expose yourself to (ex: the news) affects your levels of energy.

Make sure you surround yourself as much as possible with energy that lifts you up rather than weighs you down.

Wishing you a wonderful day spent with people that want to better themselves just as you wish to and who are inspired, excited and grateful.

Geneviève xo

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