If you’ve ever been to Italy you know what a magical experience this country has to offer: the food, the scenery, the sun… the food! Our last trip to Italy was Lake Como and I thought that would be hard to beat. Well, the island of Sardinia surpassed my expectations in every way possible.

I’m very excited to present you my first travel log video. I must say that I had some issues with the sound as I’m just a beginner doing voice overs so I apologize if it’s not 100% optimal yet. Practice makes perfect though and I plan on doing many more so stick with me to see what kind of masterpieces I whip up for you on my next adventure. Enjoy watching and continue reading below to discover my favourite Sardinian restaurants and must-see spots.

As promised, here are all the links for the places we visited and that are featured in the video:

Neptune’s Grotto

Our air bnb home

In all the restaurants we tried in Sardinia not a single one was bad. Here are my faves (some of these might sound or look basic but trust me, they are amazing):

Il Portico Tapas Bar

Ristorante & Snack Bar Lina


Sa Sevada Ristorante Pizzeria (stopped here on our way to Neptune’s Grotto)

Lu Fanali

Mirador Restaurant (this is in Alghero)

L’Ancora Porticciolo (this is by far the nicest one: located right on the beach with an incredible view of the Mediterranean)

Thanks for watching and if you’re still in the mood for more gorgeous travel footage, I highly recommend feasting your eyes on my Switzerland highlights video or reading my post on our stay in beautiful Lake Como.

Geneviève xo

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