I’ve had the good fortune of spending the last two months in Europe (I now split my time between Canada and Switzerland) and just before heading back to Canada, I made a quick hop to Barcelona to join my dad for some father-daughter traveling. He had arrived the previous Saturday with his girlfriend and was already quite familiar with the city so I basically had my own personal tour guide for the week.

We started by visiting the neighbourhood and its surrounding areas. Our apartment was located in El Born within the Gothic quarter and a close by popular attraction is the Arc de Triomf featured above. It’s located on a promenade lined with palm trees on each side and was the perfect spot for me to start my morning jogs (other areas were pretty quiet early in the day). Then, we moved on to the Parc de la Ciutadella. The fountain below is in the center of the park and there are many other beautiful sites to see around it (including some cute ducks).

fountain, park de la ciutadella, barcelona, spain

Parliament, building, Barcelona, tourism, travel, spain, europe
park, ciutadella, barcelona, spain, europe, travel, tourism
duck, park, ciutadella, barcelona, spain, europe, travel, tourism
park, parc, ciutadella, barcelona, spain, europe, travel, tourism
parc, ciutadella, barcelona, spain, europe, travel, tourism, blogger
palm trees, park, parc, ciutadella, barcelona, spain, europe, travel, tourism

When nighttime came, we headed to Place de la Catalunya and then Las Ramblas which we both also visited during day time later in the week.

place de la catalunya, barcelona, spain, europe, travel

Photo 2014-11-23 19 54 19
place catalunya, barcelona, spain, europe, travel

Las Ramblas (or La Rambla) is a street in central Barcelona, popular with tourists and locals alike. It’s often the first landmark that most tourists identify with the city.
place catalunya, barcelona, spain, europe, travel
las ramblas, barcelona, night, spain, europe, travel

casa figueras, las ramblas, barcelona, spain, europe, travel
casa figueras, store, shopping, las ramblas, la rambla, barcelona, spain, europe, tourism, travel

Gran Teatre del Liceu, barcelona, spain, europe, travel

In addition to its beauty, Barcelona is known for having great food and lots of it. This girl took full advantage of the many amazing restaurants and bakeries that fill the city so here are just a few of the treats that tempted us every time we turned a street corner. If you are more inclined towards the savoury rather than the sweet, I will be featuring some of the restaurants we discovered during our stay in upcoming posts so make sure you sign up to receive Red Fairy Project email updates (subscribe at the top right of this page). ;)
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meringue, barcelona, spain, europe, travel
dessert, foodie, spain, barcelona, europe, travel, bakery, pastries
pastries, dessert, bakey, barcelona, foodie, food porn, europe, travel
cupcakes, dessert, barcelona, travel, spain
desserts, foodie, pastries, food, barcelona, spain, europe, travel
Hum…Two people, three desserts. Somehow the math doesn’t add up.
candies, sweets, foodie, market, barcelona, spain, mercado de la boqueria, europe, travel
Endless supply of sweets in Mercardo de la Boqueria
chocolate, market, food, mecardo, la boqueria, barcelona, spain, travel, europe, food, foodie

It was a packed first day as every day in Barcelona was and that’s just how I like it. Maximizing my time to enjoy everything the city has to offer.

Want more? Click here to read all about day 2 in Barcelona which included visiting Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló, Park Güell and more.

Or, read all about day 3 spent in Sitges, the St-Tropez of Spain.

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