Last weekend, we took a little trip to England for the Taylor’s annual Rum Fun party. It was also a celebration for Mr. Taylor’s 70th and for a certain someone who is turning 40 in a couple of days, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy so I cannot reveal who that is (you can probably guess though and no, it’s not me… yet). It’s been lovely traveling across Europe this summer and Switzerland has treated me wonderfully but it’s also a nice change of scenery to cross the pond and spend some time with family. Because England is filled with natural beauty everywhere you look, I took this opportunity to grab my camera when we went for walks between the rain showers and snapped the gorgeous sights the area had to offer.
white horse field England_travel

peacock farm England_travel

fresh eggs farm England_travel

cows parking England_travelEccles Pike England_travelfence field England_travel2 sheep field England_travel
field cows England_travel
moth brown England_travel

2 cows field England_travel


sheep tree England_travel
sheep horns field England_travel
rabbit field England_travel
purple bush fields England_travelbridge tunnel England_travelEnglish home_travel
red, phone, booth, england, uk, travelOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

croquet England_travelfloral arrangement England_travelbirthday-chocolate-cake-England_travelIf you haven’t gotten enough of this beautiful country, you can read this post on my 2014 visit to the UK. And as always, you can find all of the Red Fairy’s travel diaries here.

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2 thoughts on “Weekend trip to England

  • Beautiful pics of jolly old England. Can’t understand why our forefathers sailed for the new world. Must be the warm winters here.

    • Thanks dad! Always appreciate your kind comments. England was indeed beautiful as always. Never get tired of visiting. And since when do we have warm winters in Canada??!! ;)

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