Today was a bit grey, so after a production meeting with the Living in Luzern team (I’m helping them work on their Winter issue), I decided to make a pit stop at the Luzern Autumn Fair that takes place from October 4th to the 19th. As much as the kids were excited about the rides, I did a B-line straight to all the food stands.

Even though this girl usually has pretty healthy eating habits, when I am at the fair, it’s like a “free zone” where calories don’t count. I didn’t go too crazy but it was a feast for the eyes to see all the decadent treats that were available at each kiosk. I especially liked how kitsch the decor of each stand was with props, silly illustrations and pops of bright colours. It was just what I needed on this dreary day.



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Eww!  Look at the huge spider!!  What do you mean it’s not real?! ;)

All photos are taken by me except the feature one which is from the website.

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