Welcome to week 4 of the Healthy & Happy for the Holidays series!

This is the last week of the series and probably vacation time for many of you very soon. THIS IS WHEN YOU WILL BE TESTED. Okay, that sounds a bit too dramatic. Let’s say that this is where you get to put into practice the tools and lessons you’ve acquired over the past few weeks but also make sure that your mindset is in the right place to have healthy and happy holidays which was your whole intention from the start n’est-ce pas?

One trap that we can fall into when we are striving to reach our full potential is comparing ourselves to others that might inspire us and represent the goals we want to reach. We might also be comparing ourselves to… ourselves!

Whether it’s because we feel like we were at a better place in our life last year at this period (from a romantic/health/professional/financial point of view) or at any other time (heck it could be last week), it’s so important to STOP COMPARING. This habit is a hurtful one and it depletes the energy we need to build a life we love. Enjoy watching this final video and as usual, let’s meet below to discuss a little further.


So, catch yourself remembering a few times when you fell into the comparison trap? It’s 100% normal and we all do it (social media amplifies this tendency a lot unfortunately). The goal isn’t to judge and be harsh on ourselves. In fact, it’s the opposite: when you realize you are doing this, pause and SEND YOURSELF BUCKET LOADS OF KINDNESS. Jot down what areas in your life you tend to compare yourself and remember to honour exactly where you’re at.

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