Welcome to week 1 of 2019 Happy, Lean & Serene!

This week, you are laying the foundation to rise to your full potential and the first step is releasing all that is weighing you down and not serving you. From negative thoughts, to unpleasant past experiences where someone might have wronged you to limiting stories, all these elements keep you from being your best self and it’s important to be aware that you are carrying this baggage.

If you signed up to this series because you want to lose weight and feel better in your body, it’s crucial to know that it all starts with the mental and emotional. If you constantly have a negative dialog about yourself, this will be counter productive to any improvements you want to bring to your life including starting a workout routine or eating healthy. You need POSITIVE ENERGY to do this and if you are holding on to a lot of negative energy, you won’t be able to accomplish your goals.

Once you watch this video, it will be clear that you can’t just set resolutions for the new year or set goals for yourself and expect to succeed if you are carrying loads of crap from the past or limiting stories about yourself. You gotta create a solid base and that’s with a positive and “clean” mindset. Click below to watch!


Once we take the time to look within and be real with ourselves, we probably notice a few negative things that we have been holding onto. That’s 100% okay and totally normal (no need to judge). The first step is being aware of it. The second: consciously choosing to release it. Get that journal out and make a promise to yourself that you are willing to release what isn’t serving you to create space for what will allow you to step into your full potential.

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