Welcome to week 2 of 2019 Happy, Lean & Serene!

Having a clear vision for the life you want to create and the full potential you can reach is so important to make the most of this life and feel fulfilled. I’ve been working with vision boards for years and it has been a crucial tool to know myself better (understand what matters most and make decisions based on this) and realize what kind of life I dream of creating.

Your vision board will evolve over time and an image that was compelling to you two years ago might not resonate with you anymore and that’s totally okay. This process is not meant to be rigid or performance driven. It’s meant to be fun, creative and inspiring so enjoy watching!


Have you ever created a vision board for yourself? Or do you feel inspired to build one now? Putting your dreams and desires down on paper is one of the most powerful things you can do. I would love to see your vision board so take a photo and share it on Facebook or Instagram and tag @redfairyproject. Until next week! xo