Welcome to week 3 of 2019 Happy, Lean & Serene!

If you follow me on Instagram (@redfairyproject) you know that I rock a pretty awesome morning routine. Why do I pay so much attention to what I do in the morning? Because IT SETS YOU UP FOR THE REST OF YOUR DAY. When you have a magical morning, you feel like you’ve done something just for you before letting everyone else’s agenda and demands take over. It also sets the tone for your day: if you are conscious of adopting a positive mindset in the morning, you are more likely to keep it for the rest of your day. 

It’s so easy to let life get in the way and get consumed by busyness after the morning which is why it’s the moment I choose to do all that brings me joy and makes me happy, lean and serene. Find out exactly what I do by watching the video below. Enjoy! Geneviève xo



Take a moment to reflect on how your mornings currently feel. Are they peaceful or inspiring? Do they set the right tone for your day or do you just go through the motions? Grab that journal and write down how you honestly feel about this important part of your day and what you could do to make it so much more enjoyable and impactful!