Welcome to week 4 of 2019 Happy, Lean & Serene!

This is the final week of the series but rest assured, there is much more to come (the Love Yourself Now series starts February 2nd!). Motivation is a topic that touches so many people: we want it, we have it, we lose it and then we find it again. I’ve worked really hard on building and maintaining motivation in my wellness routine but the key reason I stay motivated is not because I SHOULD do XYZ (workout, meditate, eat clean), it’s because IT MAKES ME HAPPY.

Finding your WHY is a key part of maintaining motivation and momentum and you know what? I’ll share a little secret with you: if you can maintain your motivation long enough, the discipline you develop actually becomes a habit and those daily wellness rituals actually become much more effortless: it’s kinda like brushing your teeth or taking your shower: you just have to do it! Click below to find out more about the magic behind motivation and how you can generate yours and maintain it on the long term. Enjoy! Geneviève xo


Write down your key takeaways from this video so that you can refer back to them when you feel that motivation dipping. Don’t forget to be kind with yourself and that your wellness journey isn’t going to be a straight line (there will be ups and downs). Thank you so much for joining this month’s series and make sure you’re signed up to the Red Fairy Project newsletter to receive access to the LOVE YOURSELF NOW new series starting February 2nd!