Welcome to week 1 of Love Yourself Now!

I’m thrilled you joined and am looking forward to hearing about how much inspiration you’ve found during this 4 week series (say hello to me on Instagram or Facebook at @redfairyproject!). SELF LOVE is definitely my favourite subject of all time probably because I struggled with it a lot when I was younger and I saw what a difference it made in my life when I started to love myself more. I am by no means perfect or close to “having it all” but self love has allowed me to create a pretty incredible life, reach for my dreams and make the everyday more inspiring and fulfilling.

Basically, WE ALL WANT TO BE HAPPY. We all want to thrive during this journey whether it’s in our romantic life, our family, our career or anything else. We can only achieve this if we have a solid foundation and that foundation is made of SELF LOVE. This is what we explore in WEEK 1 of LOVE YOURSELF NOW.  Enjoy! Geneviève xo


So beautiful, do you think that your current foundation of self love is solid or does it perhaps need a little TLC? No judgement in whatever the answer is (rule #1 of loving yourself now!). When we can be honest with ourselves and realize that we might have a mindset that is a bit harsh and limiting, we can finally take that next step to shifting it to one that is more loving.

Simply observe the nature of your thoughts and when one that is not so loving pops up, make the conscious decision to change it.  If you need any help at all with this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on Instagram, Facebook or via info@redfairyproject.com. See me as your self love fairy GodMother that is there to sprinkle some inspiration and guidance whenever you need it.