Welcome to week 2 of Love Yourself Now!

We know self love is the foundation of our health and happiness but what happens when we mess up? Part of this journey is making mistakes and we must learn to be kind to ourselves when this happens (keep that mental dialog positive!).

I noticed that I could be quite hard on myself when I made a mistake (in one area of my life in particular) and recently I got really sick of that negative self talk about that topic so I am switching that mindset to a kinder one. To discover how, click to watch below! Geneviève xo


After watching this, can you think back to a few moments where you might have been harsh on yourself because you made a mistake? What’s important is to learn from that mistake and then to release it without beating yourself up about it. Grab that journal and write down one key lesson you’ve learned, that you can forgive yourself for and make a promise to yourself that you are now moving on in a loving way. xo