Welcome to week 3 of the Healthy & Happy for the Holidays series!

On week 1 we laid down the foundation to make sure you were starting with clear intentions. Week 2 was about making sure your external environment was setting you up for success. On week 3 we are going to LET YOU OFF THE HOOK. What do I mean by that?

Well if you are anything like me, you have MAJOR EXPECTATIONS for yourself. So much so that you might be paralyzed into not taking action and without action, we can’t move forward into our full potential. It’s time to lower the bar, be kinder to ourselves so that the steps to becoming more healthy and happy don’t seem so overwhelming. Enjoy the video and then dig into your chic toolbox below if you want more inspiration to nourish your body, mind and soul.


You know the drill by now: don’t just stay stuck in your head. Put some thoughts and insights down on paper from what you watched. Are you realizing you are WAY TOO HARD ON YOURSELF? Don’t judge that. View it in a positive way: you know the full potential you can reach it’s just that there is kinder way to get there. Anything else come up? Write that down too and set an intention for yourself for this week on how you can be a little less demanding in one area perhaps.