Welcome to week 2 of the Healthy & Happy for the Holidays series!

While week 1 was all about connecting within, week 2 is about directing your attention outwards and noticing if your outer world is helping you feel the way you want to feel internally. We often get so used to certain daily situations, habits and people that we can think it’s the only way things can be and it’s the only way we can feel.

Miracles can happen when you realize that just because you’ve been living your life a certain way, with a certain mindset, certain habits and certain types of people YOU CAN CHANGE ALL OF THIS WHENEVER YOU WANT. Maybe not all at once and maybe not all right away but what doesn’t suit you can change and improve. The first step though is noticing what is NOT contributing to your health and happiness around you. Enjoy this video and after, you can access this week’s chic toolbox below for some extra resources to nourish your body, mind and soul.



Get that journal out (or just use the Notes app on your phone) and jot down what came up for you when watching this week’s video: is there one negative element in particular that you immediately thought of and can easily see how you can change that? Is there someone you might need to distance yourself from in order to step towards that healthy & happy life? Or perhaps you need to bring more positive people and inspiration into your life!