Welcome to week 1 of the Healthy & Happy for the Holidays series!

Week 1 is all about laying a solid foundation not only for the next month but for your life long journey to be healthy & happy. If you aren’t clear on your intentions (the real reasons you want what you want and get out of bed every morning) you are bound to get lost along the way or be disappointed when you reach goals that should have brought you fulfillment.

Enjoy this first video and after you can access this week’s chic toolbox below for some extra resources to nourish your body, mind and soul.


I highly recommend journaling for a few minutes after you watch each week’s video (before diving into more videos and articles below). Note what comes up from you, where you feel that you need to give a bit more focus and energy and as always, how you can be kind to yourself during this journey (positive affirmations can be VERY powerful).