Whether you already meditate or have been thinking of starting a practice, there is a great opportunity coming up on July 13th with the Deepak Chopra and Oprah 21 day meditation experience. I’ve been meditating every day for a few years now and the benefits I reap from it are what keep me so rooted in my practice. I can attest that it brings me the everything listed in the illustration below and more. If you are a meditation newbie and want a few pointers, you can read my meditation for beginners post and I strongly encourage you to start with a few short sessions today before the 21 day experience starts on July 13th (my post includes a few links to 1-2 minute free meditations).

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Some people are intimated by meditation because they are afraid of doing it wrong so I covered this topic in my post as well as other tips that will help make your first experience less daunting. I will also be available for questions and guidance a few days before the meditation experience starts as well as during (follow me on Facebook to be alerted on the Q&A sessions). It’s a passion of mine to help people incorporate healthy habits into their daily life so it’s my pleasure to answer any questions you have (you can even ask in the Comment section below!). I also offer private one-on-one Skype sessions if you want to dive in a little deeper into your meditation experience. For info on this service or to book, you can contact me at info@redfairyproject.com

I hope you join me in this amazing 21 day journey as it was truly a game changer the first time I did it (you can download all their meditation challenges here) and I always look forward to the experience every time they release a new edition.

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