I’ll be honest, I never thought I would say that a celebrity stylist taught me major life lessons. That being said, when you have such a strong admiration for someone like I’ve had for Rachel Zoe, you have to dig deeper to understand the reasons behind it. My interest in stylist/designer/editor/author Rachel Zoe started when I first discovered her in an ELLE article more than 10 years ago. One glance at the glamourous photos of Zoe posing in her Hollywood home next to racks of designer dresses and I was hooked. I remember cutting out the pages of the magazine and pasting them to my inspiration board.

It would only be years later that I realized that my fascination with this colourful character went way beyond the initial superficial appeal of pretty clothes and a jet-set lifestyle (not that I have anything against that). In 2008 came Bravo’s The Rachel Zoe Project which brought my obsession to a whole new level. The show lasted 5 seasons and I downloaded every single episode on itunes which I still watch religiously to this day. If you’ve never even heard of Rachel Zoe, she is now must known for her clothing line as well as The Zoe Report, an online destination that presents style trends, tips and everything fashionistas are obsessed with.

So for years, I thought it was just the glitz and glam of Rachel’s world that fascinated me until one day, I realized that what compelled me to watch her every move was the fact that she is a representation of the type of woman I hope to be. Actually, let me rephrase that. She is the type of woman I think I am deep down inside. These are the rules she has lived by (probably without realizing it) and that have become guidelines for how I live my life:

Lesson #1 Be your authentic self

Not everyone is a fan of Rachel Zoe. She talks in superlatives and says “Oh my God” and “literally” a lot which can be perceived as ditzy by some but that’s also why her fans love her so much.  She chooses not to focus on the haters and stays true to herself no matter how hard people might come down on her. During most of my life, I have been quite preoccupied with what others thought of me until I realized that you can’t please everyone. People’s opinions of what I do is based on their own perceptions, life experiences, fears and personal values and that is their thing, not mine.

I now live by the expression “What you think of me is none of my business“. Being afraid of others opinion is human but don’t let it affect important life decisions or make you become someone you are not. I’ve also noticed that people are drawn to those who are their authentic self. There is something sexy and inspiring about being confident enough to be yourself and not let others dictate your behaviours and choices.

Lesson #2 Follow your passion(s)

Rachel’s love of fashion was clear from a very young age and she chose to follow that passion and turn it not only into a thriving career but also into a hugely successful company. I can attest to the fact that your chances of being happy and successful increase tenfold when you do a job you love. For the 14 years I was part of the corporate world, I followed my heart and decided to work in fashion because that was my main interest obsession. I was very successful at what I did, earned a very good salary and every day I went to the office with a smile on my face.

Sometimes, I had doubts whether I was limiting my potential by staying within a niche industry but I don’t think I would have had the success I did if I had changed paths and went into a sector that I was only mildly interested in. Same goes for this new phase of my life where wellness and conscious consumerism are my main focuses. I took a big risk by leaving my job back in March but the accomplishments that have come in this very short time prove that staying true to what truly lights you up will lead you down the road to success. That and a lot of hard work, which brings me to lesson #3.

Lesson #3 Work your butt off and you will achieve success

Rachel is an admitted workaholic. To build what she has, you have to be. That being said, her dedication to her work has evolved over the years and now that she has two children she has a more balanced life and focuses on what really matters. Where she was once obsessing over having a lost a gown for one of her celebrity clients, she now concentrates on expanding her brand and ensuring the success of her various ventures.

Being self-employed, my income and success are based on how much effort I put into what I do. If I don’t give enough attention to my blog, the traffic goes down. Same goes for the other aspects of my business. I have to give them constant TLC to keep them growing. This lesson doesn’t just apply to work: you get out of life what you put into it. When you are willing to go that extra mile, you will eventually reap the rewards.

There you have it. That is how this 5 ft 6 powerhouse lead me to become an entrepreneur and live my life to the fullest. If you want to get to know Rachel Zoe even better, I strongly encourage you to buy her two fabulous books (click images to view reviews and purchase):

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    • Thanks Kathy! I love, love, love Rachel Zoe! She is so quirky and colourful and I find it so inspiring to see where she started from to where she is today. She follower her gut, stayed true to herself and all while doing what she loves. A great example to follow as a female entrepreneur.

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