Even if you don’t realize it, your vibe attracts your tribe and the life you have created for yourself. You might not see your energy or even believe that it has an impact on your life but it’s doing its work every moment and every second that you are here. Going back to yesterday’s daily inspiration, the energy that comes from our thoughts, words and actions affects those around us and creates our reality.

Are you conscious of your energy? Do you consider yourself “lucky” or are you the type of person that always has some story of incredible bad luck to tell where your dialog sounds something like “This would only happen to me of course.”

We create the life we have and the tribe we have. We generally surround ourselves with people that have a similar energy to ours. Positivity attracts positivity and negativity attracts negativity. Each energy feeds off each other.

Of course, there are exceptions like certain family members that are part of our life that may seem to have the total opposite energy to ours and that can cause major sparks sometimes. See those people has teachers and instead of just tolerating them you can either make a conscious decision to learn something from how they test you (maybe it’s patience, kindness or compassion) or you can walk away.

Remember that what you focus on you attract so look at the energies surrounding you in your life and notice how you are forming this tribe.

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Photo via Caring Canary

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