Take some pressure off yourself. Your value isn’t in your doing or saying. It’s in your being. It’s in how you are out there in the world and when you are alone with yourself. What are the quality of your thoughts? What is the nature of your energy?

Are you fully present in the moment and with others when you interact with them? Are you in one place but your mind is constantly in another?

Do you stand in a place of acceptance or resistance for what is? Does drama tend to follow you wherever you go?

You can end the vicious cycle of stress and performance by reminding yourself that you are a human BEING not a human DOING.

You aren’t just meant to rush from one task to the next or one appointment to the other. There should be a quality energy to your life, a certain flow.

It’s not to say that you are wrong or need to be fixed if this isn’t how you are living. Just know that there is another way. A way of being that will bring you much more inner peace.

No matter what you are accomplishing in your life right now think of the energy you are bringing to the situations you are in.

Are you calm and open or frazzled and rigid? Are you in a place of judgment and stress or peace and flexibility? Whatever needs to get done today can either be taken on with an attitude of gratitude or resentment.

You can see opportunities even in the midst of difficulty. The choice really is up to you. Wishing you a wonderful day where you focus your value via your mindset and energy rather than solely on what gets done.

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Image by Bianca Cash