Our mindset and outlook on life is everything. It affects our thoughts, decisions and actions which then create our reality. Mondays are difficult for many and why is that so? Are they going to a job they hate or perhaps they have to face and endless to-do list. They believe they are trapped in a situation they cannot change but that is far from the truth.

I am all for being rooted in reality and I know it’s not a bunch of rosy positive affirmations that will change certain challenges you face. That said, I can confirm from experience and from countless people around me that your thoughts are contributing in a major way to the reality that is causing you suffering.

It’s how we PERCEIVE what we are going through that creates the positive or negative emotions.

We can choose to focus on lack or we can choose to focus on the abundance we have but often take for granted. The choice of that positive or negative mindset will then affect your levels of energy. The energy you use to tackle your daily work and the energy that attracts the people and events in your life.

Fostering negativity is not only an immune killer it’s an energy killer. It blocks you from tapping into your gifts and seeing the possibilities.

Start by creating that internal shift and once inner peace and positivity begin to flow through you, look at the elements in your life you wish to change. Consider them not with frustration or resentment but with an objective eye. See the lesson that needs to be learned and then how you can move into a new reality that better suits you.

Start diving into your full potential today by focusing on your gifts and talents. Take it from there and see how they work along with your positive mindset to create a life you love. Wishing you a wonderful Monday.

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