On Sundays, the focus of the Daily Inspiration is often about self-care. I still stand by this because if we don’t focus on self-fulfillment, we cannot be of service and reach our full potential. If we are in survival mode, we don’t even think about how we can live our purpose and help others at the same time.

The first step to creating a fulfilling life is taking care of yourself.

Once you feel well grounded and solid enough to move ahead, you can enter the striving space in your life. You start stepping out of your self-focused bubble and see how you can bring precious gifts to the world by tapping into your passions and skills.

I learned that something as simple as baking delicious desserts (a favourite past time of mine) can bring great joy to those around us. When I bake, I am in the present moment, I feel alive and joyful and that energy is passed through what I am creating. Others feel this positive energy and love when they enjoy what I offer them.

People feel inspired when they see someone doing what they love.

The more we are to follow our bliss (even if it’s just in our spare time once a week), the more we will inspire others to do the same. And that is how we can create a world of connection. A world of love and abundance for all. It might sound like a master plan that is beyond our reach but this bigger vision is exactly what we can accomplish one loving act at a time.

One moment of awareness and presence at a time, we can push the ego aside and see how we contribute to the greater good. It can start with something as simple as creating magic in your kitchen which then filters through to those around you and eventually touches someone you would have least expected. Go ahead, dare to believe you are a creator of magic and that each one of us can heal not only ourselves but others. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday.

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