Just as life is in constant evolution, so are we and so are our goals and dreams. If you think of it, the person you were at 15 that had certain dreams has been through a lot and learned so much and with that knowledge you have probably adjusted certain dreams and discarded others.

We shouldn’t feel bad about this. It’s healthy to try certain dreams on and realize they might not fit the way we thought they would. Not only are we never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream but we should be adapting them as we go along if needed. Some people are afraid to go after their dreams because they are either afraid of not reaching them or worse, not being any happier when they do reach their goal. 

That’s why we have to cut ourselves some slack and give ourselves permission to be explorers. Go ahead, dive into those lost precious dreams. Those that you pushed aside because of various excuses. Dust them off and allow yourself to go for them. Wishing you an inspiring day! xoxo

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