You are an amazing person. Yes, YOU. You are lovely, complete, more than enough and capable of greatness. After attending the incredible conference given by Elizabeth Gilbert last night, the main lesson I took home is that we need to love ourselves more. We can be so harsh on ourselves. We doubt ourselves, compare ourselves, make huge demands of ourselves and are rarely happy about what we accomplish. For some reason the human brain seems to be made that way (actually this is more a feminine than masculine problem unfortunately).

The first step to leading an inspiring and fulfilling life is self love in my opinion. Without that, everything is a struggle. We have to make a conscious effort to start noticing and embracing all the gifts we have. We tend to focus on what we lack and what good does that do us? What if we started looking inwards at everything we do well. How well we love, listen to others, create and so much more.

But we must also learn how lovely we are even when we fail. When we make mistakes and need to start all over again. It must be an unconditional love. No matter what is reflected back at us from the outside or how much we feel we messed up, we must choose love. 

Let’s start today. When a harsh though surfaces, notice it and then don’t believe what it says. Just because you think it, it doesn’t mean it’s true. Learn to observe and create distance between your true self and the mental chatter that is hurtful. You truly are incredible and if you have trouble believing that make it your mission to do the work towards seeing it, accepting it and truly embracing it. Wishing you a wonderful day!

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