You are inspiring despite the challenges you face, the mistakes you believe you made and the weaknesses you sometimes focus on. We all have our moments of struggle but we also bring great beauty to the world every day via the gifts we have. We possess the power to do even more but this requires knowing just how beautiful we are inside and out. It requires recognizing that we are already complete and worthy and no outside circumstance is needed to validate our life.

Look around you and be grateful for those who inspire you. Know that you are inspiring someone as well without even knowing it probably. Bring your best game today not only for yourself but for the collective energy. When many of us decide to truly show up, to push fear aside and give it our all, we create something very special. And as the days continue to go by and we give life our best, life returns that to us in many different ways. Stay strong and keep inspiring… Wishing you a wonderful day

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Image by Something Peach

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