Your purpose can be your passion but it will probably also require you stepping outside your comfort zone. Don’t let that stop you from from pursuing it. What awaits on the other side of that fear is magical. It’s not our default setting to go towards what we fear (in fact, it’s usually the opposite) but that doesn’t mean that it’s wrong to go towards what scares us.

We are meant to take on challenges, grow and be so much more than mediocre. This requires learning to be comfortable making mistakes and letting go of what others think.

Don’t underestimate yourself, you are capable of so much more than you think.

Tap into your inner wisdom, it will show you the resources you already have and those that you need to surround yourself with. Even if what is calling you doesn’t make total rational sense, explore what you are curious about.

This life is meant to be lived to the fullest. Don’t waste another day staying stuck in fear. If you want more inspiration on stepping outside your comfort zone, read this post.

Geneviève xo

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