We always have the choice to fall into worry mode or choose peace. Which one do you tend to lean towards? For a long time, I didn’t even notice when I was lost in worry. I could be in my head for hours just mulling something over without even arriving at a concrete solution. Not very productive!

Luckily, the wise author Eckhart Tolle came into my life via his book A New Earth from which I learned one of my most important life lessons:

Worry pretends to be necessary

Wait, what? I don’t HAVE to worry about all this stuff that’s it a continuous loop in my mind? You mean, I have a choice in the matter? Yes, that was a watershed moment for me. It’s crucial that we remind ourselves of this on a daily basis (I would even say multiple times a day).

Also note that there is a difference between worrying and planning or worrying and finding a solution to a problem. Notice when you get stuck in worry and ask yourself if you are actually arriving at a conclusion that will allow you to move forward.

If not, let that thought be for a little while. You’ll likely come back to it later with a fresh perspective and some good intuition to guide you in the right direction.

If you’ve been struggling with worry, I highly recommend reading A New Earth. You can check out my review on this game changing book here.

Geneviève xo

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