We often think that everyone else has their life together while we are are mess but the truth is we are learning as we go. Nobody has it all “figured out” and you do not need to feel alone when you are struggling. We are all in this together and the more you see your connection to others, the less isolated you will feel. We try different routes, get lost and eventually find our way back.

There is no “them” and “us”, we are all one big community of souls on an incredible journey.

Certain souls might seem very different to you and they might act in ways that you don’t understand but deep down we all come from the same place and we are all going in the same direction.

When we create separateness by judging others or labelling them because it’s convenient for us, we are choosing fear over love.

That fear creates stress in our body, mind and soul. It creates darkness and heaviness that we then drag around with us wherever we go.

Wouldn’t you like to feel a little lighter? Wouldn’t you like for people to feel at peace in your presence?

The thoughts you have about the people around you (those you know and those you don’t) affect your overall energy. This energy either helps or hinders you in creating the life you want.

Notice how many times in a day you create separateness with the thoughts you have, either by judging yourself and feeling less than or judging others to feel better about yourself.

We are in this global community and we owe it to ourselves to care for those near and far. All living creatures deserve our love and respect, even those whom we don’t understand and seem a world apart from us.

There is nothing to gain and everything to lose when we disconnect from others.

Nobody wins when we create fear and judgment. We must tap into our true self (beyond the fearful and judging Ego mind) to allow love to expand if we want this world to head into a more peaceful direction.

It all starts with the world within you. With your inner peace. You cannot give to others what you don’t have for yourself.

Remember that there is no “them” and “us”. There is only us and we are all in this together. Wishing you a wonderful weekend where you focus on community and connections while releasing fear and judgment.

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