Open your mind and your heart. What do you see around you and within? Is there peace, love and acceptance or chaos and resistance to what is? Do you tend to think you’ve got it all figured out or do you look for guidance and signs as to where you should go?

Are you flexible and open to where life is trying to take you or do you have a set idea of where you “should” be?

I used to try to control and manipulate every aspect in my life- from my career to love, I thought it was all 100% up to me. It took me time to realize that our life is a co-creation process.

Sure, we have a big impact on outcomes but there is a higher power at work as well.

When we believe that it’s all up to us, we put enormous pressure on ourselves. We think “Who am I little me to do anything special with this life?” We must stay open and adapt to where the natural flow takes us or we will actually be working against ourselves.

When we try to control everything and force certain outcomes, we are getting in our own way.

We must find the balance between drive and openness. Open your mind to feel a sense of freedom. Let yourself see new possibilities you hadn’t thought of.

Life often has something even better in store for us than we had imagined but to welcome that in we must be willing to receive.

Willing to adapt our idea of what true joy means and how we will tap into it. Wishing you a wonderful day where you look at your life from a new open perspective and see where you are meant to be.

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Image by Beck and Lola